Sustainable landscape of cultured meat in developing countries: opportunities, challenges, and sustainable prospects

  • Wenxuan Guo Chulalongkorn University, Interdisciplinary Program Graduate School Environment Development and Sustainability, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand
  • Dawan Wiwattanadate Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Engineering, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand
Keywords: Cultured meat, Developing countries, Meat alternatives, Sustainable meat


This study aimed to comprehensively examine the research on cultured meat in developing countries over the past decade, focusing on its opportunities and challenges for sustainable meat systems. The research method included a combination
of literature review and text mining. The study found that research on cultured meat in developing countries has focused on consumer attitudes and acceptance, cultural factors, and policy and regulation. Consumer purchase intentions, attitudes,
and knowledge levels significantly impact the promotion and adoption of cultured meat. At the same time, cultural factors, religious regulations, and sustainability challenges are also important factors affecting the development of cultured meat
in developing countries. Furthermore, developing and implementing policy and regulatory frameworks are critical to fostering the development of sustainable meat systems. Through the combination of literature review and text analysis, this
study provides an in-depth look at research on cultured meat in developing countries over the past decade. The findings suggest that consumer attitudes, cultural factors, and sustainability challenges are central topics in cultured meat research in developing countries. However, relatively little research has been done on social acceptance, economic feasibility, and technology adoption. These findings provide important insights for policymakers, researchers, and relevant stakeholders
in formulating policies and strategies to advance sustainable food systems.

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Guo, W., & Wiwattanadate, D. (2023). Sustainable landscape of cultured meat in developing countries: opportunities, challenges, and sustainable prospects. Scientific Journal "Meat Technology", 64(3), 119-133.
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