Food allergens — food safety hazard

  • Jovanka Popov-Raljić Keywords: food allergy, food allergens, big eight. Review paper tion that happens consistently after eating a specific food (Boyce et al., 2010; Wang and Sampson, 2011), and food-specific IgE antibodies, cellular processes, or both can be involved (Muraro et al., 2014). Food allergy is defined by the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) as a subclass of adverse reactions in which the immune system plays a role. Food allergies are categorised as IgE-mediated, non-IgE-mediated, or Singidunum University, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Milica Aleksić University of Business Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Banja Luka
  • Vesna Janković Institute of meat hygiene and technology
Keywords: food allergy, food allergens, big eight


Food allergens have appeared in the last two decades as a concealed form of threat which significantly endangers public health, and their labelling on food products, drinks, and non pre-packed gastro-products is clearly defined by legal regulations. Food allergy is a life-threatening chronic condition that substantially impairs quality of life. Food allergies constitute a significant public health problem that affects children and adults and is a considerable burden on health, medical systems and emerging economies. Appropriately managing food allergies has become an issue for the food industry because of the rising number of individuals with food allergies.

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